DIY Winter Window Box With Blue And White Accents

This DIY winter window box with blue and white accents is made with evergreens, blue berries, white twigs and a blue and white bow. The perfect combination for an outdoor flower box during the holidays.

DIY winter window box with blue and white accents.

Every year, I like to do something a little different with my outdoor winter window boxes.

I try to get some of the supplies from my garden, which means I almost always have evergreens and some dried flowers. (This year I’m using roses.)

But I do add some faux elements for color and longevity.

And this year I went with a blue and white theme, with some faux blue berries, white twigs and a blue and white bow.

It’s very simple to put together and I love the way it turned out.


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winter window box supplies - evergreen branches, faux berries, magnolia leaves, pine cones and white twigs


  • spruce and cedar boughs – You can collect these from the garden or buy them from a nursery.
  • 25 magnolia leaves* – Since I don’t have magnolias in my garden, I bought these. But you could cut them from an evergreen magnolia if you have one.
  • pipe cleaners to anchor the magnolia leaves
  • 7 large pine cone picks*
  • 4 faux blue berry branches*
  • 2 bunches of white twigs*
  • 5 dried roses
  • 1 string of LED Micro lights*
  • ribbon for bow


  • scissors
  • wire cutters or pliers

How to make the winter window box

Add the evergreens

An evergreen-filled window box

Start with a window box filled with damp mud.

Then insert the spruce boughs along the back.  Use enough to make a dense screen.

Next, push the cedar branches into the soil all along the front leaving a gap in the middle.  Try to insert these boughs at an angle so that they drape over edge of the window box.

Make magnolia leaf picks

Magnolia leaf made into a pick with a pipe cleaner

Make magnolia leaf picks using the pipe cleaners. 

Cut the pipe cleaners in half. 

Poke a small hole in the base of each magnolia leaf.

Then carefully insert a pipe cleaner into it, bending the end to secure it.

Add magnolia leaves to the window box

magnolia leaves in a window box between cedar and spruce branches

Insert the magnolia leaf picks close together in a center row between the spruce and cedar boughs. 

I like the brown side of the leaves facing out to give a visual color variance among the greens.

Create height with twigs

A winter-themed window box filled with evergreens and twigs.

I left the white twigs tall to give the box some height. 

Place these along the back of the box behind the spruce boughs and push the ends into the soil

Add berries and dried roses

An Evergreen-filled Window Box with blue berries and dried roses

Cut the faux berry branches to about 1 foot long using wire cutters or pliers. 

Place one branch at each end in the front corner and 2 branches, slanted towards the middle, above the gap in the cedar.

Stick the dried roses behind the berries – three in the middle of the box and one on each end.

Put up a bow

A winter window box decorated with evergreens, berries and a blue ribbon.

To add a festive touch to the window box, I added a blue and white ribbon bow in the center.  It ties in the blue berries and white twigs.

Because my window box is wooden I attached the bow with a nail hammered through the ribbon into the box. 

If your box is plastic, I think a command hook would work well.

Add pine cones

A winter window box decorated with evergreens, pine cones, dried roses, blue berries, and a blue ribbon.

The pine cone picks are added next. 

Do this by sticking three in the center in front of the blue berries.

winter window box with evergreen branches, pine cones, blue berries and dried roses

Then add two in each of the front corners, also in front of the blue berries.

String some mini lights

An evergreen window box with pine cones, white twigs and a blue and white bow

Lastly, string some white fairly lights over the spruce and cedar branches.

They are battery operated and have a timer so they come on automatically.

Just turn them on at the correct time the first night and they will come back on at that time every night.

The finished window box

An evergreen-studded window box decorated with pine cones, berries, and a bow

I love the finished window box.

The blue and white colors look beautiful with my house color.

And the dried roses add a pop of color that stands out against the evergreens.

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