pink Verbena

Zone: 7 to 10 (depending on the variety)
Exposure: Part shade, sun
Height: 6″ to 18″ (depending on the variety)
Width: 18″ to 30″
Bloom time: Summer
Flower color: blue, purple, pink, white

Verbena is an annual or tender perennial that makes a great addition to containers.

Superbena® Verbenas are versatile cultivars that form a mounded shape and will drape over the edge of containers so they can be used as a filler or a spiller.

It does not need deadheading but will grow more flowering branches if sheared lightly with sharp scissors when planting.

Another type of verbena to try is Verbena bonariensis.

It is a tall plant that has an upright habit and grows to 20-30″, which makes it ideal for using as a thriller in a part-sun container.