Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous begonias with red and yellow flowers

Zone: 9 to 11 (annuals elsewhere)
Exposure: Shade
Height: 6″ to 36″
Width: 12″ to 18″
Bloom time: Spring through fall
Flower color: White, pink, red, orange, yellow

Tuberous Begonias are a shade plant that produce beautiful large flowers all summer long.

They are easy to grow from tubers and come in upright and trailing forms which both grow very well in containers. Their main requirement is that they are watered regularly during the growing season.

Since they are available in many colors and do well in the shade, this plant is a great choice for adding pops of color in areas that don’t get a lot of sun.

In cooler zones, plant tuberous begonias in pots (or in the ground) in the spring. Then dig them up in the fall and store in a non-freezing location to be re-used the next year.

The leaves will die off in the fall even in warmer zones. But here they can be left in the ground as long as they don’t get much water. Otherwise, the tubers will rot.

This post was originally published on June 23, 2020 but was updated with new content on June 14, 2022.