Trailing Lobelia

Blue trailing lobellia in pots with Heuchera, Calladiums and Sweet potato vine

Zone: Annual
Exposure: Part shade
Height: 6″ to 8″
Width: 12″ to 18″
Bloom time: Spring to Summer
Flower color: Blue

Trailing Lobelia comes in many different shades of blue that cascade down the sides of your pots making them perfect as spillers.

‘Riviera Midnight Blue’ Lobelia is the most electric blue to plant in your containers.

However, it doesn’t like the heat and will sometimes peter out during the hottest days of summer.

close up of blue trailing lobelia flowers

If you live in the south, look for the Laguna series which are able to take the heat a little better.

Do not let it dry out and shear after the first flush of blooms to rejuvenate new growth.

Note: If you are planning to use Lobelia as a spiller, make sure to check that you are getting a trailing variety. There are some upright Lobelias that will not give the same effect.

This post was originally published on July 19, 2020 but was updated with new content on June 2, 2022.