Streptocarpella with blue flowers growing in a hanging basket

Zone: Annual
Exposure: Shade
Height: 6″ to 8″
Width: 12″ to 18″
Bloom time: Spring to fall
Flower color: Periwinkle blue

Streptocarpella is one of my absolute favorite blue flowering plants for full shade.

It has nodding little bell shaped blooms that are delicate and mystical.  

They are held above dark green violet-like foliage by short stems.

Streptocarpella grows 6-10″ and because it spills over the edges of pots, it is perfect for hanging baskets.  

Each 12″ basket needs 3-4 plants to make a nice bushy showing.

Streptocarpella in a hanging basket hung in a hole in the fence surrounded by Rhododendrons and Climbing Hydrangea

I like to repeat the Streptocarpella baskets in the fence holes (yes, that’s one of them peeping out from under the climbing hydrangea).

The leaves will burn in the direct afternoon sun, but they do well in shade and part-shade.  

They do not need deadheading and are easy to propagate from cuttings rooted in water.