Pieris Japonica

White and pink pieris japonica | © PATARA - stock.adobe.com
White and pink pieris japonica | © PATARA – stock.adobe.com

Zones: 5 to 8
Light: Shade to Part Shade
Bloom Time: Early spring
Height: 3′ to 10′ (depending on the variety)
Spread: 3′ to 10′

Pieris Japonica is a shade-tolerant, deer-resistant evergreen that has pendant-like flowers in early spring.

Pieris Japonica 'Red Head'
Pieris Japonica ‘Red Head’

In addition to the pretty blooms, this shrub puts on a show with its leaves that start out red, then change to pink and cream before becoming lime green. Which helps to add interest to your garden all year round.

It likes acidic sandy soil which is characteristic of many of the shrubs that grow well in shade.

Pieris can be toxic to pets, so if you have a dog that likes to chew on your plants, you may want to be careful about planting this.

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