Peony "Eden's Perfume" has beautiful fragrant flowers
Peony “Eden’s Perfume” has beautiful fragrant flowers

Zone: 2 to 8

Full Sun

Bloom Time: Spring

Height: 2′ to 3′

Peonies are a favorite of many gardeners because of their big beautiful blooms…but some varieties also have beautiful scents to go with the blooms!

Not all peonies have a fragrance (and some of them actually smell pretty bad), so check the variety you are getting to make sure it smells the way you want it to.

Peony "Eden's Perfume"
Peony “Eden’s Perfume”

Peonies can take a couple of years to get established, but once they have, they really don’t require much maintenance at all (my favorite kind of plant!)

Just make sure you plant them where you want them to grow…they also don’t like to be moved…

Peony "Santa Fe"
Peony “Santa Fe”

If you live in the South (like I do), peonies can be a little tricky since they don’t do very well in hot summers.

Peony "Eden's Perfume"
Peony “Eden’s Perfume”

I try to pick early flowering varieties that are finished blooming before it gets too hot and have had pretty good luck getting them to bloom.

This post was originally published on July 6, 2020 but was updated with new content on December 8, 2021.