Lungwort (Pulmonaria)

Pulmonaria obscura | © na9179126124 -
Pulmonaria obscura | © na9179126124 –

Zones: 2 to 9
Light: Shade to Part Shade
Bloom Time: Late spring to early fall
Height: 6″ to 12″
Spread: 12″ to 24″

Lungwort is a semi-evergreen low-growing perennial that is covered in blooms in the early spring, and is much prettier than the name suggests!

The flowers can be blue, pink, purple or white depending on the variety.

Pulmonaria Silver Bouquet with silver spotted leaves and pink and purple flowers

Depending on the variety, the foliage can be variegated, silver or spotted which makes it an interesting woodland plant all year round.

It’s also deer resistant and one of the few plants that is immune to the effects of black walnut trees

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