Lamium maculatum

Lamium maculatum

Zones: 2 to 9
Light: Shade to Sun
Bloom Time: Summer
Height: 3″ to 8″
Spread: 12″ to 24″

Lamium is a low growing member of the mint family with beautiful silver leaves outlined in dark green and white, pink or purple flowers in the summer.

The leaves are also evergreen so they add color to your garden all year round (as long as they aren’t buried in snow).

Lamium tolerates drought and shade and makes a good edging or ground cover in difficult growing conditions.

I use it as an edging between the public sidewalk and my picket fence in my north facing front garden.

However, it spreads rapidly by rooting at the stem joints and is considered mildly invasive so plant it where it has room to spread. Any unwanted plants are fairly easy to control by pulling.

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This post was originally published on July 14, 2020 but was updated with new content on December 8, 2021.