Dogwood Trees

Pink Dogwood Tree in Bloom for Spring
© Jill Lang –

Zones: 5 to 9
Light: Part Shade
Height: 15′ to 30′
Spread: 15′ to 30′
Bloom Time: Spring
Flower Color: White, pink, green

Dogwoods are a small tree that has beautiful pink or white flowers in the spring, really red leaves in the fall, and prefers part shade to a full sun location.

Native dogwood in spring
© Randy C. Anderson –

With its graceful branches covered in blooms, there is nothing prettier in the spring!

So when I was planting my garden, I made sure to include a couple of these beautiful trees in my yard.

Dogwood (Cornus kousa) with white flowers

Cornus florida is my favorite dogwood variety since it is native to the Eastern United States and grows quite well in acidic soil.

But you can also grow Cornus kousa which is the Japanese version of the same tree.

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