Boxwood (Buxus)

Trimmed boxwood maze

Zones: 4 to 10
Light: Shade to Sun
Bloom Time: Foliage only
Height: 1′ to 12′ (depending on the variety)
Spread: 2′ to 8′

Boxwood (Buxus) is an evergreen shrub that thrives in the shade.

We most often associate it with clipped hedges and balls in formal gardens.

However, it is such an easy plant to grow I think it deserves a place in any kind of border, especially since it is evergreen and grows so well under trees.

Adequate water and 3 inches of mulch take care of its maintenance needs.

Aesthetically, Buxus looks much better pruned so that its small evergreen leaves become denser. It grows slowly so once the desired shape is established, it only needs an annual shearing.

Boxwood - Green garden balls in France | © wjarek -
Boxwood – Green garden balls in France | © wjarek –

Boxwood is also deer-resistant.

Which is a good thing. If I spent a bunch of time making them into balls like this garden in France, I’d be really upset if a deer came along and wrecked it all!

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