Blackbird Spurge (Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’)

Blackbird spurge foliage (Euphorbia 'Blackbird') ©nickkurzenko -
©nickkurzenko –

Zones: 6 to 9
Light: Sun to Part Shade
Height: 1′ to 2′
Spread: 1′ to 2′
Bloom Time: Spring to summer
Flower Color: Yellow

Blackbird spurge (Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’) is a bushy, dwarf evergreen shrub with colorful foliage that looks good all year round.

In the spring, it is topped by yellow-green flowers that put on a show until summer.

This plant is a favorite with gardeners because of its dark-colored leaves that turn almost black in the sun and provide color in the garden all year round.

In addition to being drought-tolerant and deer- and rabbit-resistant, Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’ also makes a good container plant. A very versatile plant!

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