Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)

black-eyed susan (rudbeckia)
Black-eyed Susan

Zones: 4 to 9
Light: Sun
Bloom Time: Late spring to early fall
Height: 1′ to 3′ (depending on the variety)
Spread: 1′ to 2′

Black-eyed Susan is a native perennial that produces daisy-like yellow or orange flowers from late spring until early fall.

Deadheading old flowers will encourage re-blooming.

Those brightly-colored flowers are a magnet for butterflies but not for deer. So that’s always a bonus!

It can survive in clay soil and is quite drought- and heat-tolerant once it is established.

Some varieties are considered annuals so check the description of the plants when you buy them.

Also, Rudbeckia can be a prolific self-seeder. If you don’t want to grow (or pull) lots of new seedlings, it’s a good idea to remove the old flowers before they have a chance to go to seed.

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