Acanthus mollis (Bear’s Breeches)

Acanthus mollis

Zones: 6 to 11
Light: Shade
Height: 36″ to 48″
Width: 36″
Bloom Time: Early to mid summer
Flower Color: Mauve, white

For warmer climates, Bear’s Breeches will provide drama in the mostly shady border.

It was bred for heat and humidity tolerance so will do well in Southern gardens.

This perennial grows 3 feet tall, with an additional foot for the creamy white, pink stemmed bloom spire.

The deeply cut serrated leaves are variegated blue-green with a white edge at maturity.

They’re also evergreen and slug-resistant. Which means they will look good all year round.

This perennial grows best with morning sun and consistent moisture in well drained soil.

Remove the spent flowers after blooming and divide every 4-5 years for the healthiest plants.

It can spread by underground runners so check with local nurseries to find out if that’s a problem in your area.

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