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Shed Organization: 8 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas

Looking for some ideas on how to organize garden tools? Check out this list of easy and inexpensive DIY garden tool storage ideas that don’t take very long to do.

Since I’ve finally got my garage organized and my tools in order, I thought I would move on and tackle the shed with these easy DIY garden tool storage ideas.

8 Garden Tool Storage Ideas

Finding my garden tools when I need them.

That is an ongoing issue around here!

So I’ve decided I need some better ways to store them. That are so easy to use I’ll actually put the stuff back where it’s supposed to go.

And as usual for an organization project, I don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on it.

I finally found some storage solutions that work.

Even better? I was able to install all of them in my shed in one afternoon, and they cost me less than $20…a winning storage solution in my books! (I did have some of the supplies left over from other projects, so if you were purchasing everything from scratch, it would cost a little more than that…but not by much).

Read on to see my easy and inexpensive DIY garden tool storage ideas for organizing your shed (or garage).

1. Hang Garden Hand Tools On Pegboard

Use pegboard for storing garden hand tools

If you have read any of the other organizational posts, you know that I think pegboard is the best organizational thing ever!

I’ve used it for organizing desk supplies, tools, kitchen utensils in drawers and cooking supplies on the backs of cabinet doors. So it should come as no surprise, that I am also using it for my hand held garden tools.

For the garden tools with holes in the handles, simply use a straight hook.

For garden tools without holes, you can place 2 straight hooks in adjacent pegboard holes and hook the blade of the garden tool over them (like the 2 shovels in the second row).

For pruners, the hooks that have 2 ends and form a circle work really well…just slide the closed blades into the circle.

Hang the pegboard on the back of the shed door so that they are really easy to access.

2. Use Coat Hooks To Hang Hoses

Hoses held up by chain

The second of my DIY garden tool storage ideas is a great way to keep hoses in order.

One of the things I seem to have a lot of is hoses…and I have always found them hard to store.

I have tried the store-bought hose reels*…which work but can be awkward to use if they are not in the right place, and always seem to break after a couple of years.

I have also tried the U-shaped hose hangers*…which don’t usually break but the hose never seems to stay on it properly.

And to be useful, you can only put one hose on a hanger…which means you have to buy a bunch of them if you have as many hoses as I do.

Hooks and chains hang up hoses in the shed

I finally found this solution for hanging hoses with a coat hook and chain. Simply attach the coat hook to the wall and hang one end of the chain over the bottom hook.

Then put the chain through the center of the rolled-up hose and hook it onto the top of the coat hook.

To hold a second hose, repeat with another length of chain. This hook has 2 hoses on it, with enough room to spare for another one.

In this case, I used an S-hook to attach the chain to the coat hook…but that was mostly because the chain I had wouldn’t fit over the top of the hook that I had. Since I was re-using hardware that I already owned, I just added the S-hook to make it work, but if you’re buying the supplies for this, you might want to make sure that the hose rings will fit on the coat hook (then the S-hook wouldn’t be necessary).

3. Store Spray Bottles On A Kitchen Rod

Use a kitchen rod to hang spray bottles and other garden tools

The next idea on my list of  DIY garden tool storage ideas uses a kitchen hanging rod.

Hanging spray bottles from an IKEA Kitchen rod* makes them so much easier to manage…no more falling over on the shelf!

A kitchen rod with S-hooks is also handy for hanging flower cages and other garden accessories

Add S-hooks* to the rod for for hanging other garden supplies like flower cages and small bird feeders (that’s what those black round metal cages are).

4. Hang Gloves Using Clamps

Use clips to hang garden gloves from a bar

Finding gloves gets a lot easier if you can hang them on the door, too.

Use the same IKEA kitchen rod* and some hooks that have clamps* on the end to hang them up in pairs.

5. Store Rolls Of Twine On A Paper Towel Holder

Use a paper towel holder to store string

Along a similar line, a paper towel holder is great for hanging string and tape.

It allows you to pull the string off the roll easily and cut it.

Or you could remove the whole roll and take it with you if you need to do that. Just remember to put it back so you can find it again next time!

6. Re-use Wire Shelving To Organize Rakes and Trowels

Wire shelving stores tall garden tools like rakes and shovels

I am normally not that big of a fan of wire shelving.

I have pretty much removed it from every closet in my house (it seems to be the closet shelving of choice when you buy a builder grade house!)

Removing a section of the wire shelving will allow drills to fit

However, when I was organizing my tools, I discovered that it works really well for storing tools where some part of the tool needs to hang down below the rest of the shelf. Just cut out one of the wires and you have a custom storage shelf.

Cut the wires on wire shelves to make holes for storing garden tools like rakes

Same principle applies for all kinds of garden tools with long, straight handles.

Cut out an extra wire and the shelf holds them upright.

Wire shelves for garden tool storage like rakes and shovels

That way you can see the tool you want right away, and they’re really easy to get at.

It also works well for hanging shorter tools with rounded ends, like my crowbar.

You can find more of my organizing hacks using wire shelves HERE.

7. Install 2×4’s For Garden Tools With T-Shaped Handles

Use 2 - 2 x 4's to hang garden tools with wide handles

The next one of my DIY garden tool storage ideas uses simple 2×4’s to create extra wall storage.

Some tools don’t fit well with the wire shelf model.

They either don’t have straight ends or have handles that are too wide.

Garden tools hung on 2x4's in a garden shed

For the tools that have a T shape at one end, screw 2 x 4’s on either side of a stud to create an easy hanging space for these ones. (You could also use another piece of 2 x 4 that you attach to the wall, if you don’t have access to the wall studs).

8. Hang Shovels On A Wood Beam

Hang tools with handles from a single 2" x 4"

A similar 2″ x 4″ idea works for tools with handles. This time, you only need to attach one 2 x 4 to the wall stud…and use it to hang the garden tools that have handles.

Very easy, but works very well!

That’s it for my DIY garden tool storage ideas. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration to get your own tool shed organized.

Do you have other easy DIY garden tool storage ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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    1. Thanks, Ivory! I think the hanging gloves are my favorite part, too. No more searching everywhere to find them 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tom! I have used up lots of wire shelves this way, too 🙂

  2. Oh my! These ideas are creative and resourceful. I love the peg board idea. I have a small hand tool with a loop on it that I could put on the straight hook. I can put the cord up on a second straight hook next to it. Maybe this will work for my measuring spoons in the kitchen too … Thank you for sharing.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Julie! Peg board is definitely one of my favorite organizing tools in pretty much any room 🙂

  3. Martha and Scott says:

    Hi Wanda,
    Great ideas…now for me to make time to put things away🤣.
    We would love to see you when you’re able.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Martha! I would love to see you guys, too! Hopefully one of these months I’ll make it up there 🙂

  4. Such a creative and resourceful idea to keep your tools tidy. I will surely follow all the steps you have provided. Thank you so much for sharing this.